Privacy Policy

Confidential Information is a news portal. This portal endeavors to provide you with news, entertainment, jobs, information. If you visit our website, no personal information will be collected by us. Therefore, the visit you make to our website will be confidential.


If you visit our website, download some information and misuse our news and photos, we may be subject to action.

We cannot guarantee the privacy of third parties

Sometime, links to other websites are provided on our website. The privacy policy of these websites may be different from our policy. Visitors to these websites should carefully investigate the privacy policy of those websites. We have no control over this policy.

The advertisements you see on our webpage are accepted by a third party that is reputable. These third parties may place certain cookies on your browser when placing these ads. Through it, information about the webpage you visit (including your name, address, e-mail, etc.) may be collected. It is used to advertise your products or services of your choice to you.

For complainants

1) Your full name, correspondence address, email id and mobile number.

2) You should mention the information you provide as the subject and identity of the complaint along with the headline, date and link of the news or article.

3) Clearly mention that the information is personal or sensitive.

4) It is important to give details of what documents you have added to supplement your complaint.

5) It is obligatory to give the affidavit that the documents and information you have submitted along with the complaint are complete and recent and not false.

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